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Forum Rules & Guidelines

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Forum Rules and Guidelines

Breaking any of these rules may result in a a ban/warning.

General Rules

- No Pornography or Sexually Explicit Content
- No Disturbing/Gory Content
- Do not spam Threads or Posts
- Do not Flame or Troll Users or Threads
- No racism or sexism
- Post replies/threads in the appropriate section
- Do not post with a single word, quote, video or image
- Do not bad-mouth or specifically target other communities. If you are to reference another Community, please do so in a polite and positive manner
- Do not bump your own Threads e.g. "UPDATED PLAYTIME AND RANK!!!"
- Do not recreate threads as a Bump tactic, seek approval for remaking threads
- Do not leak private or personal information without a User's consent
- Do not post copy pastas, useless replies like this will be deleted
- Do not create alternate accounts
- Do not share inappropriate/piracy links
- Do not forge quotes
- Post as yourself not another user
- Respect other Users
- Ensure all +1's, Neutrals and -1's are constructive and have valid reasoning. (e.g. "+1 what he said ^" is not valid reasoning)

Profile Rules

- Avatar must not be inappropriate
- Signature image size must not be too large
- Please do not have inappropriate Profile Information
- Do not use fishy links in your Profile Information

mChat Rules

- No "Like-Train" Spam
- No Chat Spam
- No inappropriate images
- No inappropriate links
- No Thread Bumping

Thank you for reading the rules :D

For all Forum Ban Appeals, please speak to a Forum Moderator on Teamspeak or a SuperAdmin.

Credits to Clarence for their contributions


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